Fuelling Education….Transforming Lives
BORL is determined to encourage and sustain the desire to learn and seek knowledge in every child in the neighbouring villages. Since the region around Bina Refinery lacks basic education facilities and support, BORL has taken up initiatives to promote literacy among the people in the villages.

Following are the various programmes:

"BORL Medhavi Vidhyarthi Purushkar” (BORL Talent Recognition Awards)
Students from the nearby villages who are unable to afford basic education are offered scholarship  and other educational requirements in order to complete their education successfully.

“Shiksha Aapke Dwaar: (Education at your doorstep)”

Distance was one of the factors that posed a hurdle to many children to attend regular classes. BORL initiated a rural education awareness programmes that seek to make education accessible to every child in every village. Programmes were carried out in subjects like Mathematics, English and General Knowledge during the summer vacations in which tutors were made available at the doorstep with the necessary educational materials.

"Shiksha Protsahane Yojna"
With this programme, BORL has offered admission to more than 60% of students from nearby areas including Bina Town in DAV – BORL School to pursue quality education.