Company Info

Company Info

Company Facilities and Performance

Bina refinery has a Nelson Complexity Index of over 10 and is designed to maximize Auto Fuels of premium quality eliminating low value fuel oil. Designed by licensors of international repute, the process units and their capacities are listed below:

Units Capacity (MMTPA)
Crude Distillation / Vacuum Distillation Unit 7.80
Full Conversion Hydrocracker Unit 2.63
Diesel Hydrotreater 2.37
Delayed Coker Unit 1.82
Hydrogen Unit 0.098
Naphtha Hydrotreater 1.55
Continuous Catalytic Reforming Unit 0.84
Isomerisation Unit 0.64
Sulphur Recovery Unit 3 x 243 TPD

The configuration includes an integrated Full Conversion Hydrocracker and Diesel Hydro-treater, first of its kind in India. The refinery also has a Delayed Coker Unit which employs severe thermal cracking to upgrade bottoms of the barrel.

As part of operations, we are engaged in crude procurement, handling, storage and transportation to maintain steady supply of crude oil to refinery. To source crude up to refinery, we have a Single Point Mooring (SPM) system, Crude Oil Terminal (COT) and a cross country 937 kms pipeline from Vadinar, Gujarat to Bina, Madhya Pradesh. Oil is sourced mainly from the Middle East in tankers and is unloaded at the SPM, stored in COT and then transported to Bina via pipeline. The SPM is capable of receiving very large crude carriers (VLCCs).

Refinery Debottlenecking Project

The debottlenecking project enhancing capacity to 7.8 MMTPA, with capability to produce 100% BS-VI fuels, was implemented during the year 2018-19 and the refinery achieved operations at rated capacity. We are proud to have established another ‘first’ in the country by undertaking a record breaking task of implementing new Penex Unit in modular fashion, in spite of a hinterland location, and by operationalizing a unique 3-drum Delayed Coker Unit configuration.

Another first in the country Modular Penex Unit: We built additional capacity of Penex Unit by installing new equipment on modular basis. Being a hinterland refinery the task although arduous was rewarding as work at site was significantly reduced slashing time required for implementation compared to the conventional method.

Refinery Performance

Operating parameters have been improving since refinery’s commissioning in Year 2011. Having established consistent crude processing capabilities, the Company focussed on innovative ideas and energy conservation to further its operational excellence. Continuous improvement measures and relentless efforts of the employees saw substantial reduction in refinery’s specific energy consumption for which the Company was recognized as ‘Energy Efficient Unit’ by the Confederation of Indian Industry in the year 2018.

Products Evacuation

Products are evacuated through a reliable and efficient Bina Despatch Terminal (BDT) by way of pipeline, rail and road. The Bina-Kota pipeline (BKPL) evacuates fuel products from the refinery and connects with the cross country Mumbai-Manmad-Bijwasan product pipeline servicing the northern and north-west Indian markets.

Fully automated rake and lorry loading gantry in BDT premises assures timely delivery of all products to customers.

Safety Performance and Training

We are equipped with all necessary infrastructure including fire training ground for safe operations of our facilities. The employees and service providers alike follow the Company’s slogan of ‘Our Motto, Safety in Toto’ in action and spirit. We are also active in inculcating safety behaviour in surrounding communities by way of conducting awareness and training sessions.

BORL is one of the few refineries to have implemented the Process Safety Management system which encompasses all aspects of operations, maintenance and safety. The system, designed to rule out any introduction of hazard, is regarded as the pinnacle of safety protocol in industries.