BORL has a well-defined safety policy & Safety Management System that is accredited with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018. The fire prevention and protection systems at BORL have been developed keeping in view the hazardous nature of the Refining Industry that conforms to OISD guidelines.

Some of the systems and procedures are as below:

Work Permit System: BORL follows the “no permit, no work” policy and has devised an electronic based Work Permit System (eWPS) in line with OISD guidelines to ensure job hazards are assessed systematically in order to eliminate the risk and to ensure that the work is performed in a safe manner. Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) system is implemented to take care of the electrical safety. Also regular Work Permit System audit is in place for monitoring and control as per set procedure.

Audits:Various Audits are conducted by cross functional internal auditor, renowned external agencies like OISD, National Safety Council, statutory agencies are audited by senior executives along with surprise night visits.

Safety Committee:We at BORL strongly believe in pro-active measures to take care of HSE. We have a four- level safety committee for monitoring, improving and controlling the safety management system along with involvement of employees and the service provider:

  • Apex Safety Committee; Chaired by Managing Director (Occupier)
  • Plant HSE Coordinators Committee; Chaired by Manufacturing Head
  • Area / Unit Level Safety Committee; Chaired by Respective Department Head
  • Service provider Safety Committee; Chaired by Maintenance Head
  • Off the Job Safety Committee; Chaired by Commercial Head

Training: Various training programs are in place to ensure that work is performed with full safety-awareness. It includes safety induction to visitors, mandatory fire and safety training for employees and the service provider. The curriculum of the training program includes theoretical classroom lectures and live simulation firefighting at the Fire Training ground, having various models.

Process Safety Management: BORL has implemented Process Safety Management (PSM) system, which is guided by OSHA, CCPS & OISD standards, having 14 elements. PSM mainly focuses on the prevention of process related unsafe conditions leading to explosion, fire and toxicity or a combination.

Bharat Oman Safety Observation Process (BOSOP): An observation-based safety system can be the foundation of a positive safety culture. As an integral part of an effective safety programme (alongside near-miss reporting, incident analysis, etc) it provides an excellent means of addressing the human dimensions of safety. In short, it helps to eliminate unsafe acts and conditions.

Emergency Preparedness: BORL being an industry involved in manufacturing, storage and import of hazardous chemicals has developed an Emergency Response and Disaster Management Plan(ERDMP) in line with the requirement of Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board notification. The plan elaborates the maximum credible accident scenarios and also the emergency handling strategies for such scenarios. The emergency preparedness plan of BORL is accredited by Disaster Management Institute (DMI), Bhopal.