We at BORL are committed to prevent pollution through effective control over waste management, spillages, leakages and emissions from regular refinery operations & exigencies. Environment Management at BORL is devised with an emphasis on continual improvement of the environmental performance in line with the changing needs.

Pollution prevention & reduction measures

Various clean technologies and sound engineering practices are incorporated in the refinery design from the project conception itself. In our bid towards improvement of the environmental performance, some of the pollution control measures employed are as follows:

Air pollution control measures implemented.

  • Use of high efficiency low NOx burners in furnaces to reduce NOx emission.
  • Sulphur recovery block integrated with Tail Gas Treatment Unit (TGTU)
  • Use of Low-Sulphur Fuels in furnaces to reduce SOx emission.
  • Stacks of sufficient heights to ensure adequate dispersal of pollutants from furnaces.
  • Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems for stacks
  • Smokeless elevated flare
  • Regular Leak Detection and Repair program (LDAR) for identification and control of fugitive emissions and for resource conservation.
  • Floating roof tanks are provided with double seals to reduce fugitive emissions
  • Double Mechanical Seals in Lighter H/C Pumps
  • VOC collection and Treatment system at ETP
  • Bottom loading provision for road tank lorries.
  • Close – Blow Down (CBD ) system to minimize VOC emission from the operations

Dust control measures:

  • Electrostatic Precipitators and multi-cyclones at Power Plant
  • Wagon tippler installed for receipt/unloading operations of solid materials
  • Dry Fog Dust Suppression system for dust control in coal unloading area in CPP
  • Installation of view cutter for pet coke yard & fly ash yard
  • Mobile dry fog dust suppression system, closed conveyors to prevent the generation and carryover of dust generation during handling of solid materials

Water pollution control measures:

  • A state- of -art Effluent Treatment Plant for maximized recycle of wastewater
  • Installation of oil containment boom for control of oil spills in surface water runoff are installed.
  • Oil skimmers for control of oil spills in surface water runoff are installed.
  • Real Time Emission Monitoring Systems installed for monitoring quality of treated water
  • State-of-art well equipped laboratory capable of comprehensive environmental analysis

Solid / hazardous waste management:

  • Membership with TSDF agency for hazardous waste disposal
  • Construction of hazardous storage shed for storage of hazardous materials
  • Sludge recycle from ETP to Delayed Coker unit
  • Vermi Composting facility for converting the food waste to organic manure.
  • Installation of Organic Waste Convertor (OWC) at residential township for making the organic manure.

Noise pollution control measures:

  • Noise silencers and acoustic barriers are used in equipment’s to minimize noise levels
  • Good green cover around the refinery acts as a noise barrier for the surrounding area

Water conservation Measures:

  • ETP effluent recycle to Reverse Osmosis based DM plant
  • Recycling of cooling tower & boiler blowdown in Reverse Osmosis based DM plant
  • Recovery of all condensate
  • Reuse of stripped sour water in process units.
  • Rain water harvesting pond developed with artificial recharge pits for ground water recharge.
  • Rooftop Rain Water Harvesting with ground water recharge pit in township premises for conserving the rain water
  • Recycling of Side stream filter backwash from cooling towers and UF backwash
  • Reusing of Bearing Cooling Water Return to cooling towers or RO DM plant as per requirement. 

Renewable energy initiatives:

  • Installation of photo-voltaic solar power plant of 4 MW capacity within BORL premises.
  • Installation of solar power based electric fencing to township boundary wall for security at township and refinery
  • Installation of solar roof car parking shed

Greenbelt and landscaping:

Greenery soothes tense nerves & brings peace of mind, a necessity of human life. BORL is richly surrounded with nature-the tall green trees, a smooth carpet of green grass and a myriad variety of flowers that makes for a pleasant setting.

  • Green belt development of 200 mts width spread around the Refinery boundary for attenuation of fugitive emissions.
  • BORL premises are having about 34 tree species of plants within green belt.
  • BORL has developed gardens in the office premises as well as in the colony.

Sr.No Environmental Component Parameters Being Analysed
1 Ambient Air Quality All parameters as per MoEFCC Notification, 2009
2 Stack Emission SO2, NOx, CO & SPM
3 Surface and Ground water Quality Physical & Chemical Parameters
4 Liquid effluents All the Parameters as per MoEFCC Notification, 2008
5 Noise Quality Continuous Equivalent Sound Levels (Leq) as per CPCB guideline
6 Used and Waste Oil Quality Parameters as per Hazardous and other wastes Rules, 2016
7 Meteorology Wind speed, Wind Direction, Temperature, Relative Humidity & Rainfall
8 Fugitive Emissions All the Parameters as per MoEFCC Notification, 2008
Ash Stock as on October 2021 113909 MT